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A Woman's Guide to Life Transitions

Navigating change is hard--even good change! Here's a few tips on how to stay above the stress during life transitions.

Expecting to feel 100% all the time has set me up for feeling really ashamed if I’m not on cloud nine every second.

A woman's life is full of milestones. Each milestone is a transition to a different way of being.  However, transitions are hard.  I think there’s a misconception that all long awaited life events SHOULD be stress free and that we SHOULD be feeling sunshine and rainbows during life's good transitions.

I’m personally going through a big transition, one that I waited for and dreamed of for years.  And yet, I feel a little off of my rocker.

Motherhood came hard for me.  I experienced a lot of loss.  When I was trying to conceive, I thought, “I will never “complain” about how hard being a mom is.  I will relish every moment.”

Expecting to feel 100% all the time has set me up for feeling really ashamed if I’m not on cloud nine every second.  

Here are some tips to help combat stress during times of transition.

Make healthy eating and exercise a joy instead of a chore

A nutritious diet and regular physical activity will help you feel your best, so you can successfully navigate transitional periods. However, sometimes cooking and working out can feel like chores–especially when kids are demanding your attention. 

Make workouts enjoyable by finding a gym buddy!

Set small goals for yourself. I’m using Studio Bloom and it's a game changer.  I use their search function and do 10 minutes of Postnatal exercise daily. (Okay, more like 4 to 5 times a week. :) )

 When it comes to cooking, ramp up the fun factor by cooking with friends or listening to your favorite songs or podcasts while you prepare your meal.  

My husband and I recently instituted “shopping days”.  He goes on Tuesdays, and I go on Fridays.  We have our list of staples hung on the fridge so we can always check what we need to stock up on before we go.  These small acts help us not get overwhelmed by the task of feeding our family.

Replace excess screen time with a satisfying hobby

When you're overwhelmed by the change in your life, it's easy to rely on TV or your social media as a distraction. This relationship with screens has a need, trust me, I get it! However, too much screen time can leave us unmotivated and worst of all, comparing ourselves to others. 

Find a simple hobby to replace this unhealthy habit. Happier Human offers some ideas like drawing, journaling, making jewelry, and reading.  You might also enjoy a hobby that allows you to be social–things are opening up in this almost post COVID world!

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Swap out toxic relationships for supportive ones

Toxic relationships can leave you sapped of energy and feeling bad about yourself. If you're in a period of change in your life, seize the opportunity to get rid of these kinds of ties. Healthline offers a guide to identifying toxicity, such as a lack of support, unhealthy communication, controlling behavior, or feelings of resentment or envy. Note that toxic relationships don't have to be romantic—friendships can also have such traits.

Switch from an unsatisfying job to a career path you love

Signs that you're ready for a career switch include feelings of apathy or complacency and daydreaming about a new job. If you're ready for a change, you might consider starting your own business. You can start small, like I did. My interior design business was once a side hustle.  I started it in the midst of our infertility journey to combat my depression. Here is a list of 100 side hustle ideas

Instead of letting stress snow you under, tackle it head-on

Even if you take steps like cutting out toxic people and changing jobs, you can't get rid of all of life's stressors. Going through transitional periods is hard on us spritually as we try to find our footing with our new life. The Mayo Clinic recommends meditation as a simple and fast way to fight stress.

Like exercise, I’m starting small with meditation these days.  I commit to 5 minutes before bedtime. It helps me sort out the feelings of the day and feel a bit more relaxed before I lay down.

Transform your average home into a soothing sanctuary

As you make your way through a transitional phase, you want your home to reflect the new you. 

Before revamping your home, take the time to cleanse it by decluttering and cleaning. This will remove negativity and give you a black canvas to work with as you create your dream space.

My 60-Minute Virtual Coaching Sessions are always there to guide you as you create your sanctuary.

Going through a period of transition is inherently uncomfortable. It forces you to change your habits and ways of thinking. Be gentle with yourself and know you’re not alone!

For more content on creating your perfect home, check out these resources.

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