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Introducing The Homemaker Collective!

Interior designers in Portland unite to give women and children in need, fully furnished rooms.

We believe that:‍ A) housing is a human right and B) we all deserve a stable and healthy place to call home.

My original concept for my design business was based on this idea that the interior design world holds an enormous amount of power to change the world.  You have an industry full of creative people that know the value of home AND help clients make choices on how and where to spend money.

All of this collides to create a breeding ground for some awesome stuff.  I somehow wanted to create an interior design business that was also a social enterprise.  A business that could in turn give back to the community and propel social and economic change.

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I first started by sourcing textiles from nonprofit partners in the Andes working with women weavers.  Because my background is in international development and my connections to where I used to live in Peru, it was a natural fit.  

However, as I got more and more involved in the world of textile making and selling products, I realized I was a little over my head and I didn’t have the capacity to start an interior design business and launch a product based business.

My next AHA moment came in April of 2020.  I was at a standstill with my current projects because of the pandemic and my brain was free to think creatively.  What if, somehow, me, my clients and all of my designer friends could come together to help families who are transitioning into stable housing?

Thus the Homemaker Collective was born!

The Homemaker Collective is a program of Emilia Decor that brings together leaders in the design industry to furnish and decorate homes for women and children transitioning to stable housing and/or recovering from loss.

We believe that:

a) housing is a human right and

b) we all deserve a stable and healthy place to call home.

We will be starting small as we test out our processes— furnishing a few rooms a year.  

Follow along as we roll out this program in 2023!

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