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Why YOU NEED a Design Coach

Designing a home that FEELS like you and FUNCTIONS for you is serious business.

Let me set the scene for you. It’s Wednesday night, the kids are asleep and you start scrolling through Pinterest. Your creative brain starts going bonkers! You seem to have solved all of the problems in your home.

“Ohhhh we can do built-ins here to hide the kids toy clutter!” 

“Look at this DIY wallpaper idea, it would be perfect for the bathroom!”

“And those pillows, yes, I need cozy pillows that make me want to sip tea on my couch all weekend.”

I will start on this project on Saturday. This is the weekend where we will start working on projects. 

Saturday inevitably arrives. The kids are up at 6:30am. You’re drained from work and those tiny humans that were jumping on your face at 6:30am. You want to enjoy the time together as a family and you definitely don’t want your weekends to be dominated by trips to the hardware store and fights with your partner over endless home projects.

You begin to resent your Pinterest Boards. You start to feel like a failure. You can’t even enjoy downtime because you keep thinking about what you “should” be doing instead. 

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You’re not alone. But, more importantly, you’re not a failure. You’re a human being with a lot on your plate! Designing a home that feels like you and function for you is serious business.

I created my Interior Design Coaching service just for you.

Unlike traditional interior design services, my design coaching is a collaborative process for the family that loves to be part of the creative journey, but needs direction, affirmation and creative feedback to ensure you’re on the right path. Most importantly, my coaching sessions give you an action plan and a list of my go-to women run businesses that are here to help you. 

Creating your dream home doesn’t have to oppress you. It CAN be a fun process. Working with a design coach will save you time, money and head space.

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